Our Approach

Ditchley Group is committed to delivering resident-focused services by creating an atmosphere in which resident feels safe and free to express their needs.

Each Ditchley Group nursing home is operated on a daily basis by an experienced local management team, ensuring that residents are valued, treated as individuals and given a positive social environment. This team is supported by Ditchley Group’s medical and administration team who have in-depth knowledge of managing residential care facilities and provide day-to-day operational oversight to each individual home.

The Management of each care centre, together with Ditchley Group, work closely with the local community and key national stakeholders including HIQA, the HSE, Nursing Homes Ireland, the Irish Alzheimer Society, and the Irish Hospice Foundation to ensure that it maintains the highest standards of service and care.

A Duty To Care


Our vision is to provide person-centred care in a safe, friendly and comfortable environment for those who entrust us with their care. We strive to ensure that residents maintain their autonomy and independence while enjoying life to the full.


To meet Ireland’s changing demographic demands, Ditchley Group is committed to investing in and managing a network of healthcare facilities, providing modern and effective care for the communities in which they are located.

Quality Management System

Each of our facilities is HIQA compliant, of high quality, and designed to cater for various types of care. Each home offers both private and shared rooms, along with all the other facilities one would expect from a top class care facility. We are constantly improving our facilities and delivery of care in keeping with best practice. We strive to foster a “home from home” holistic approach ensuring our residents are comfortable and secure in their surroundings.

Our caring and friendly staff are committed to providing each resident with the highest standard of care while supporting the residents’ rights as individuals to make their own choices and express their beliefs.

Residents benefit from our:

  • First-rate nursing experience and skills
  • Extensive clinical knowledge
  • The continuing professional development of our staff
  • Strong, supportive and involved leadership at management level.

Our philosophy of person-centred care puts the individual at the centre of their own care. We respect the dignity of choice and self-determination.

We encourage residents to assert their rights and preferences, to expect dignity in their care and their relationships with caregivers. Practically this includes residents choosing their daily care and services from staff.

Residents and their families are actively involved in establishing individualised and appropriate care programmes. Each centre will carry out comprehensive assessments when a resident first arrives. By carrying out ongoing reviews we can ensure that changes in an individual’s needs – however small – are identified promptly and addressed accordingly.

In 2009 the Health Information & Quality Authority (HIQA) National Quality Standards for Residential Care Settings for Older People were brought into law. These standards focus on key safety and quality criteria required by nursing home & care facility owners to be licensed to operate. You can download and read National Standards for Residential Care Settings for Older People in Ireland 2016 here.
Ditchley Group ensures that the highest standards in the delivery of care, support and respect is provided to each and every resident.